Doing his homework he was thinking hard

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D By around 2030, we may have the technology to directly link our brain to the ultra-smartcomputers that will be around then, giving us so much extra brainpower that we deserve a new name, Homo Cyberneticus.

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The book was so (exciting/excited) that I couldn’t put it down. I thought the interview went well, so I was very (disappointing/disappointed) not to get the job. I didn’t want to tell my sister that I’d borrowed her car, as I knew she would be (annoying/annoyed). I wasn’t looking forward to studying history, but in the end I thought it was a (fascinating/fascinated).

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Posted by edukfun in add, adhd, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, attention training, challenged, children, concentration, discipline, education, ld, learning disability, parenting, school, underachieve, video games. Sometimes kids, especially kids with attentional issues or a learning disability, just won’t do homework. Many teachers have given up assning much or even any homework, secure in the knowledge that fewer than 25% (made up statistic) of their students will actually follow through. Television, internet, My Space, text messaging, telephone, video games, you name it! There is no California industry pushing Algebra; millions are spent pushing American Idol.

Helping Your Students With <i>Homework</i> A Guide for Teachers - U. S.
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I think that Breitenbach made this class way too difficult for an introductory level course.Why Punishments Don't Work And What Works Better!

Doing his homework he was thinking hard:

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